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Ken Lunn’s Home Page

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Public Transport




Trains and London Underground (with spoof maps, real working timetables and track plans), planes and airports (longest and shortest scheduled flights), and especially old London buses, trolleybuses and trams; and some daft road and other signs

My Family Tree

My Family Tree

My ancestors, some going back to the 1600s;
some relevant census tables; meanings of surnames;
speed-skating on the fens; Parish Registers;
the Family Research Centre and Public Records Office;
Archdeacon’s (A/Ts) and Bishop’s (B/Ts) Transcripts;
families Adamson, Clements, Croad, Gardner, Lunn, See and Smart; relevant extracts from censuses from 1841 to 1911

Astronomical Objects, Concepts
& Space Research

Proton Rocket
Crab Nebula

Sun, planets, dwarf planets, moons, rings, asteroids, Kuiper belt, quasi-satellites, Hill sphere, comets, stars, nebulae, galaxies; theories; Lagrange points; gravitational slingshots, resonances; constellations; to the Moon and beyond; Pioneer, Voyager, New Horizons, Rosetta & other spacecraft; and how to fly a spaceship

Hunky Men

Tom Daley
Chris Mears

Mostly champion divers: Tom Daley, Chris Mears (these two especially), Matt Mitcham, Dan Osborne, Ben Hardy, Tomasz Schafernaker, naked Warwick rowers, AussieBum and some guys from the “Belami” & “Kinky Angels” studios [some photos show explicit nudity]

Comedy, Fun & Recreations ♥♦

Laughing Mouse
Morecambe & Wise
Sports croppers

Jokes (of all sorts, puns, howlers), comedy (some TV), comedians, sports mishaps, puzzles (no Jigsaw
jigsaws – find one on the web like Jigsaw Planet), sudoku, real ale, pubs, and money (which isn’t particularly funny per se, but you need it for many things that are). There’s also a lot of fun you can have and odd things you can do with E N g L i S H and I’ve a few more serious remarks about the language itself.

Photo Galleries

Photos Bat

George Gammer’s photography, geology, the climate and weather (clouds and storms), beautiful scenery, the Galápagos Islands, animals (birds, cats and dogs, a few more felines, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects), plants, roads and paths, buildings (London and many weird ones elsewhere – and while we’re in London, a trip up the River Thames), miscellaneous art, last moments, BBC’s best of 2014...


and, of course, there are lots of photos in the web pages devoted to specific subjects

Science and Mathematics Mathematical symbols

Game of Life
Muon Discovery

Formula Infinity
Crookes tube
Alan Turing

Science, scientists (including Einstein, Newton and Turing; and a selection of TV science presenters); the Big Bang, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Gravitational Waves, Atoms, the Higgs Boson, Dark Matter & Dark Energy; Maths, Conway’s Game of Life, polyhedra & fractals

The Arts


Paintings, poems, songs, fiction, plays, Chaucer, Shakespeare, films, radio, music (Beethoven to 10cc)

Art Poems, fiction, plays, etc. Music, films, radio, etc. Music, films, radio, etc.

And four stories (Prokofiev, The Green Flash, Millennium
and The Plutonian) from my own pen.

Politics & Opinions

Anti-Israel and US Protests

Religions, monarchies, state-sponsored brutality against other nations (armed forces) and their own citizens (police) are abominations; most states (including so-called “democracies”) are corrupt, with governments and law-enforcers uncontrolled – this is just a sample of my totally reasonable bigotry; Daesh, Catalan democracy, American Arms. [And I don’t hold out much hope for the future of civilization on this planet.]

Politics and Opinions
Coulson, Brooks, Cameron